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Memesoon of The Memes of Destruction


The Definitions of 'Meme'


Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a spinoff of the popular Metal Gear series. It focuses on a cyborg swordsman named Raiden, who finds himself taking on a terrorist organization bent on bringing about another world war. One of these terrorists is another cyborg, known as Monsoon, a member of the Winds of Destruction. Monsoon had a rough upbringing in Cambodia; his life was consumed by gang violence. Being mortally wounded in a crime syndicate shootout, he allowed himself to be subject to cybernetic enhancement and became a mercenary. He eventually developed to be a nihilist who believed in the strong overcoming the weak, and that the one thing that mattered the most in the world were memes.

Wait. Memes?

Yes, memes. Probably not the memes you are thinking about, but rather cultural themes, subjects, behaviors, and ideas that are adopted by others over time. This definition, formed by Richard Dawkins in 1776 used this definition to describe how small, cultural changes and shifts can be compared to the likeness of genes. (Shifman pg. 341) This usually comes from the observation or comprehension of a specific meme of one individual, and then an adoption and/or imitation of that meme from another. Monsoon even references this himself (Monsoon meme 3). Monsoon had a large variety of quotes regarding memes, mainly that people were all pawns to memes, and that the memes of others shaped one’s beliefs and behaviors whether they knew it or not.

So how did Monsoon, of the Winds of Destruction, a sociopathic cyborg ninja who can magnetically separate and control his limbs become Memesoon, of the Memes of Destruction?

Quite simple, really. The popular definition of a meme as widespread pictures or videos made for humor greatly outshines Dawkins’s definition by their sheer presence in our lives. It could be entirely plausible that Dawkins's definition of a meme is either learned after the popular definition, or not even known at all by others. Keeping the common usage of the word ‘meme’ in mind, hearing a killer cyborg ranting about the power of memes and how they run our lives is nothing short of hysterical, and has led to many videos and pictures poking fun at his quotes, earning him the name “Memesoon” (Monsoon meme 1).

While Monsoon had not been talking about the definition of memes as we more commonly know them, he may not be too far off the mark. Memetic images and videos are a large part of digital culture, being visible across all forms of social platforms such as Reddit, Youtube, and Tiktok.People spend large amounts of time on social media discovering, crafting, and editing pre-existing memes, then posting them everywhere they can, thus exposing more and more people to the meme, inspiring others to create a meme, and the cycle begins anew. It is almost impossible to not see memes when browsing the internet. Even if you do somehow miss them, memes have also propagated outside of the internet. Memes are commonly brought up in jokes or references during discourse amongst friends and beyond. Many public events and figures have been shaped into memes. Even serious crises, such as the Ebola and Covid-19 epidemics were not safe from being transformed into memes. Are we all just creators and carriers of memes, relentlessly crafting them and passing them down to others? Are we spreading them across the internet like a virus, seeing global and daily occurrences as nothing more than memes waiting to happen, for us to create? Maybe we are all just controlled by memes...the DNA of the soul… (Monsoon meme 2)


Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance was developed by Platinum Games, and then published in 2013 by Konami Digital Entertainment








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